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The Eligibility Section below can help you determine if you should apply for help

To be eligible you must fit our definition of being “in need” which is defined as one who lacks the necessities of life, involving physical mental & emotional well being, and the result of poverty or temporary distress. The Big Man Foundation (BMF) is required to obtain supporting documentation for every grant given because the BMF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. You may be contacted and asked via email to provide documentation that verifies your event and need.
What's Eligible

These situations meet the BMF guidelines:

  • Applicant or spouse/domestic partner has missed unpaid time due to illness (for self or dependent family member).

  • Applicant or dependent family member requires treatment with long distance travel to receive medically necessary treatment.

  • Cost of medical treatment is preventing an applicant or dependent family member from receiving care.

  • Applicant has incurred financially devastating medical costs.

  • Applicant is affected by a natural disaster such as fire, flood, tornado or hurricane.

  • Colleague or eligible dependent is a victim of domestic violence.

  • Death of the coach.

  • Other special situations that prohibit the colleague from maintaining their basic living needs. Assistance for situations in the basic needs “other” category may only be eligible once within a rolling five-year period, depending on the events leading up to the hardship.

Who's eligible

Only eligible coaches may receive assistance through The Big Man Foundation, based on set criteria for events causing a financial hardship for the coach. To be eligible for assistance from the fund, you must meet all requirements:


  • You (or your dependent) must be an active member in a recognized athletic coaching organization and have coached a sport within 12 months of the event causing the hardship.

  • The event that resulted in a financial burden must be a direct impact to the coach.

  • You cannot have received financial assistance from The Big Man Foundation within the past 12 months.

  • The event causing the hardship must have occurred in the past 12 months.


Dependent guidelines

When reviewing your application, your number of eligible dependents will be considered. Eligible dependents include:

  • Spouse (unless legally separated)

  • Unmarried dependent children under age 19

  • Unmarried dependent children under age 25 if dependent on you for support and a full-time student (as defined by the educational institution)

  • In some situations parent, current step-parent, current mother-in-law, current father-in-law and grandparent or grandchild may be considered eligible. These are in situations that directly impact the employee and proof of dependency may be requested when necessary.

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