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Casey Kroll

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

What do they do at BMF?

Casey Kroll is the founder and CEO of the Big Man Foundation (BMF). As President, Kroll oversees day-to-day operations and works with the Executive Team, Development Team, and Program Team to implement the organization's strategic vision. He is responsible for ensuring programs and services have the greatest possible impact on the coaches, athletes, and families that we serve.  


What did they do before BMF?

Prior to starting The Big Man Foundation, Kroll spent four seasons as a college football coach. He served on the coaching staffs of Southern Methodist University from 2018-2020, Lamar University during their 2017 season and James Madison University during their 2016-2017 National Championship season. 

Kroll was a member of the James Madison football team from 2011-15. He was a CAA Academic All-Conference selection and a member of the Hampshire Honor Society, as well as an Athletic Director's Scholar-Athlete Award Winner. In 2016, Kroll earned a Master of Public Administration degree from JMU. Kroll's concentration was in Nonprofit Studies, where he studied directly under BMF Secretary and Board Member, Dr. Jennifer Taylor. He recently graduated from SMU with a Master’s in Liberal Studies.

Why did they join BMF?

Kroll founded BMF after witnessing Jamal Powell fight for his life against a multitude of serious aliments. Powell was Kroll's college offensive line coach, his boss at JMU/Lamar/SMU, and his mentor.

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